Electrical Panels

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels are the beating heart of modern homes, and safely distribute electricity throughout your residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, as we incorporate new appliances, EV chargers, and other electrical devices, older electrical panels struggle to keep up.

At JZ Electric, we have over a decade of experience upgrading and repairing electrical panels and our team can assist with any project in the Lower Mainland.

Why Upgrade an Electrical Panel?

Modern households demand significant amounts of energy for EV chargers, entertainment systems, lighting, and electrical appliances. If your old panel cannot handle this increased demand, it could cause frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, and even electrical fires.

Upgrading your panel to handle 200 amps ensures a steady power supply for all your electronics.

Our Panel Upgrade Services

  • Using rigid steel or Electrical Metallic tubing for Service Upgrades

  • Upgrading BC Hydro meter socket and grounding system

  • Co-ordinating all permits with BC Hydro and Municipalities

  • Replacing old panels with new ones

  • Running dedicated circuits to prevent nuisance tripping

  • Removing old fuse boxes and replacing them with breaker panels

Commercial and Residential Experience

At JZ Electric, we take pride in our ability to deliver comprehensive electrical solutions across diverse sectors. Our expertise extends beyond the confines of residential assignments to encompass commercial and industrial projects.

Whether it’s modernizing a vintage home with an upgraded electrical panel, setting up energy-efficient systems for a new business venture, or ensuring safety protocols in a bustling industrial workspace, our team is equipped to handle each unique demand.

The Benefits of Choosing JZ Electric

  • Over a decade of expertise in catering to both commercial and residential customers in Vancouver

  • Genuine advice coupled with every repair and replacement service we offer

  • Team of expert technicians with substantial experience to ensure long-lasting equipment installation

  • Swift scheduling and rigorous commitment to appointment timings

  • Utilization of premium quality products and components for superior energy efficiency

  • Cost-effective services tailored to suit your budget and requirements